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Licking County

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Licking County first to complete historic mile marker set!

Licking County is the only county in Ohio - and maybe even the country that has a complete set of original and repalcement National Road mile markers. What makes this fact more impressive is that Licking County's 10% portion of the Ohio National Road (US-40) is the largest, covering 30-miles and now with a complete set of 30 markers.

Jim Young and Sandy Gartner board members of the Ohio National Road Association made it their mission to replace the last three Licking County missing markers 215, 221 and 224. With the help of grants from the Cecil Mauger Charitable Trust, Licking County Commissioners, Licking County Historical Society and with the installation by the Ohio Department of Transportation, they accomplished their goal.  

Howard Long, Executive Director of the Licking County Historical Society: "This achievement not only honors our rich history but also serves as a testament to the community’s dedication to preserving our cultural heritage. Each mile marker stands as a symbol of our past, guiding us through the journey of our nation's development."

The Licking County Historical Society is dedicated to preserving, protecting, and promoting the history and heritage of Licking County. Through various initiatives and projects, the society strives to educate and engage the community in understanding and appreciating the county’s historical significance.

Thomas P. Barrett, ODOT Historic Bridge Program Manager and State Byways Coordinator stated, "We are pleased to announce that three of our mile markers are back in place in Licking County on the nation’s first highway. Thanks to the Ohio National Road Association and ODOT’s District 5 Highway Technicians, the historic stone mile markers are securely in place for future generations of travelers to enjoy. The Licking County markers are part of a larger project that ODOT and ONRA are partnering on to get all the original mile markers back in place along the historic route, dating to 1830."

July 4th,1825 construction started on the 228-mile portion of the Ohio national road at Bridgeport, Ohio crossing 10 counties to the western Ohio border. By 1832 the road had crossed through Licking County on its way to Columbus. Under the Thomas Jefferson administration congress had authorized the construction of the 700-mile National Road from Baltimore, Maryland to East St. Louis, Illinois. That authorization included the requirement that mile markers had to be placed every mile along the way. Due to wear and tear, road realignment over the years many of the original markers have been lost or replaced.